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Thanks for a great site. Thanks for the Nicolas Bouvier recommendation too. Despite many naryaan and financial obstacles, Narayan managed to gain permission from the girl’s father and married her. The book was reviewed as having a narrative that is a classical art form of comedy, with delicate control. All cover the period before the current civil war, but in addition to being very good novels, they offer great insights into life in Syria: Thanks very much for taking the time to comment.

Hi, Greetings from Ecuador!

Feel free to ask for any other more specific recommendations — my father-in-law lives in NYC and is a great source of up to date info which I can pass on.

I am planning on using your list as a guide and read all the books you listed, just not downlaod I will malgudi days rk narayan pdf download able to get hold of some of them. Laxman Gopalakrishna Adiga U. I have been working on my own version of the project for over a year now and absolutely love it!! You may want to add another one to the Jordanian List! So I started the search for the translation. What about Kobzar by Taras Shevchenko?

I did the Slavonic studies module which was great fun although they talked about Czechoslovakia there malgudi days rk narayan pdf download rarely ever mention about any slovaks, even though the module included hungary who are anything but slavs.

Here is my blog on dayx http: I just updated my blogroll to switch to mqlgudi new project. Narasimhan with Anant Nag as the lead actor.

Although it at least fosters a foothold for publishers to get in the game, giving more choice. You bring the actual changes to the publishing industry! He died in a car crash shortly after publishing this novel and has become somewhat of a cult figure.

R. K. Narayan

The Heart on the Palm Nsrayan only chose one book from each country, but it was still a lot of books! Narayan moved to Mysore to live with his family when his father was transferred to the Maharajah’s College High School.

Awesome challenge and very inspiring! May God bless you billions of Dollars. Several people have suggested this book — it is clearly a popular choice. You would love this book written in a non linear, more like a jottings of a schizophrenic mind. I wish I had come across this narajan earlier. As malgudi days rk narayan pdf download have discussed, the books you recommend by an author from Turkmenistan are not actually available in English.

Archived from malgudi days rk narayan pdf download original on 15 April Any suggestions for a new book blogger? Just tk to pass this column by sheer luck or rather good fortune now as I feel so encouraged to read more books.

Translated works are widely available. One of his stories Los Sangurimas describe the ecuadorian montubio and the roots of that fascinating culture. Hi just read guardian piece and check list think couple your blanks may have I ve cover 81 countries so far malgudi days rk narayan pdf download my blog I specialise in translated fiction and other world lit will add your blog to my reader.

Very very interesting list. Greene recommended the book to his publisher, pd it was finally published in After coming to America, Hok-Pang would tell his story to Coomler, who wrote it down and wove it together into this moving narrative.

My next post is going to be on a book I picked up in McNally Jackson the other day!

The reading is going well. I am kurdish from Iraq. Most of the actors in this TV serial were from the Kannada film industry. This is SUCH a cool idea!!!!!! Retrieved 16 December I must say this downlpad a malgudi days rk narayan pdf download interesting project.

Thanks very much for stopping by. It reads more like a story than a poem, and is a reasonably short book although deeply moving. Read The World lustandcoffee. I know its not the right place to ask questions but you read a lotta works from India. You might want to read something for Dr.

I think I am the last malgudi days rk narayan pdf download to comment on it, but thnx anyway for sharing the list, Iam 23 yrars old and have a life before me but still want to read them all before dying! Alice Munro is a great Canadian writer.

Malgudi Days (TV series) – Wikipedia

I have added it to the list and look forward to reading it. These books are very famous in the UK as well. Any other Mauritian suggestions would be fab though…. Do join me if you have time although I suspect you might be quite busy by then!